Lost Your Work?

Lost Your Work?

How many times have you been working on your computer and then lost all your work because the computer freezes or some malfunction occurs? SO frustrating. You restart trying to remember everything you’ve done to that point thinking there is no way you could do it better the second time around. All we can think about is the work we previously did.

When you invite Jesus into your heart recognizing that He is the only Savior we need, Jesus froze your computer and eliminated all your previous sins. Yet, once we restart, we continue to harbor guilt from our past. Many times, it’s debilitating because our memories are strong even if our God has separated you from your previous sins as far as the east is from the west.

Instead of focusing on your guilt and shame of your previous self, remember the true nature of God’s pure forgiveness. He has long since moved on. You should too.

God Bless.

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