Would People Know You’re A Christian?

Would People Know You’re A Christian?

Our childhood next-door neighbor sends out a five-minute weekly recording. It’s always wonderful and I truly look forward to each one. I’ve tried to convince him to make it a podcast to no avail thus far.

This week, he was telling a story from years ago about an interaction he had where someone mentioned to him that people would know he was a Christian based on how he acted.

My question for you is (and for myself), is, if a stranger met you and got to know you a little bit, would they know you’re a Christian? How long would it take them to figure it out? Would they ever figure it out?

If this leaves you thinking that your answer is probably far too long to leave you comfortable, perhaps it’s time to consider making some life changes.

What are some small things you can do to show that you are a Christian? It doesn’t have to be too forward if that’s not your style. What if you bowed your head and prayed before every meal? What if you did your Bible study publicly?

Sometimes our messages don’t have to be spoken to make a point.

God Bless.

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