What Life Is All About

What Life Is All About

I have two sons – ages six and two. In our house, occasionally, we turn the music up loud and one of two things happens: a dance party (less likely) or lots of singing (most likely).

My six-year-old is a quiet one and my two-year-old can dominate a conversation already. Regardless of personality though, when the music comes on – they both start to sing.

The favorite in our house at the moment is King of My Heart:

Few things in the world can touch my heart like my children singing their hearts out to our Lord above. It is most certainly music to my hears and I’m quite confident that it pleases our Father in Heaven.

Just about every time it happens, I end up with tears in my eyes thankful that our children are worshiping. It at least serves as some sort of evidence at the moment that we are doing something right. No matter how successful they end up by the standards of this world, if they love God and the people around them, I’ll consider the responsibility we’ve been blessed with to have been a raging success.

I can’t imagine a greater legacy to leave. It’s what life is all about.

Enjoy the song and God Bless!

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