We’re Obsessed with Justice

We’re Obsessed with Justice

If you watch the news, you’ll notice that we’re obsessed with justice. Someone, somewhere is fighting for justice. Or we believe things are unjust – or unfair. And the Bible talks a lot about justice as well. Thankfully, we’re not subject to justice. If we were, we’d all be in trouble.

There are a three ways that God can deal with us. He can give us justice, provide mercy, or extend grace. You might ask yourself, how might you define each of those terms?

I once had a pastor that helped me understand the difference in easy to understand terms.

Justice = getting what you deserve.

Mercy = not getting what you deserve.

Grace = getting what you don’t deserve.

As an example, imagine you’re driving down the road and a police officer pulls you over for speeding.

In this case, justice would be getting a ticket.

Mercy would be the officer letting you off with a warning.

Grace would be the officer handing you a $20 and sending you on your way.

Because of the work of Jesus on the cross, we are offered grace – that is what we absolutely do not deserve.

Maybe next time you’re faced with the choice of offering somebody justice, mercy or grace, you’ll choose grace.

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