The Living Word

The Living Word

One of the best parts of doing a Bible study with my brother over the years has been perspective.  We read the same thing and get a different message.  Having read most chapters multiple times I can tell you that it’s different each time I read them.  Sometimes I notice something I missed in totality.

Early on in the Bible studies we did, I remember my brother saying something that stuck with me. He said it’s the Living Word of God, and God can speak through his word a message. While one message may be for one person, a different message may come to another. Just like reading at different points in your life, you’ll need to receive a different message at different times. 

So if you’re in a Bible study, don’t think you’re off just because someone got something else from the reading. Enjoy their perspective and share your own.  It’s one way to truly explore the depths of God’s Living Word.

God Bless.

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