The Devil is a Formidable Opponent

The Devil is a Formidable Opponent

At a summer wrestling camp I learned a valuable life lesson; never underestimate your opponent. It carried through in the military and in business.  But what about our faith?  We give all due credit to our God.  We know He can conquer all and create miracles whenever He decides. We love to seek God to help in our problems all while ignoring the culprit.  Which is two parts.

1. Our sinful nature

2. Satan

When we are battling alcoholism, gossip, pornography, or any litany of our faults, that’s where Satan drives his wedge.  We need to have a self-awareness and call Satan out for who he is; someone who preys on the weak, and preys on the strong at their weak points. And by having a self-awareness of our weak points, we need to ask God preemptively to intercede on our behalf. We need to put God in the game for us to help us fight those battles. Let’s not forget HE is the star player.  And before we call Him in, we need to have that self-awareness of weakness, and an understanding of the devil leveraging His power onto us.  But give the Devil credit, he is the worthy adversary that keeps us from the success we desire. 

Action step: 1. Identify your weak points. 2.Acknowledge that Satan is waiting to wage war on those weak points.  3. When the battle rages, pray.  Pray hard that the Devil leave you alone in the name of Jesus and ask God for strength against him. 4. Win that battle and prepare for the next.

Mark 16:17 “And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues;”

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