Sinner Behind the Blog

Sinner Behind the Blog

Hopefully you’ve figured out from the blog that we’re not perfect. It’s important to know I have my share of struggles and we aren’t living some unobtainable, blissful, Christian Life. So here is to pulling back the curtain and letting you inside.

Lust, greed, selfishness, ego, materialism, anger,  profanity and alcohol.  That might be a short list, but let me expand just a bit.

Lust is the biggest rock I carry.  It’s the devil’s tool of distraction for me. If you struggle, trust me when I say I understand. It’s been a long time battle, one that I will share more in depth on a future article. But have hope, God can, and does help when you seek him.  

I have plenty of “stuff” but I find things to want. I also find myself counting every dollar as if I earned it, forgetting it’s a gift and a blessing from God.  Yes, I tithe and enjoy doing so.  But the devil argues over my shoulder every time I write a check.

I’m the best and I’m never wrong. (At least I tend to think so). Amazingly, with prayer, God has softened a lot of those edges over the years. But it’s a prayerful journey.

I used to fight very frequently.  Even today there are times when my anger gets the best of me and profanity flies.  It becomes a poor example, for my wife, for my children and any bystander.  How can I lead others the right way when I display poor actions? Prayer and submission.

Lastly, alcohol used to be a struggle. One was never enough. I stayed sober for 2 years working on gaining control. After prayer, I decided to enjoy a beverage with my wife again once in a while. This is a slippery slope, and yes I’ve fallen.  But, God granted me control through those times and taught me He is in control.

I wrote this to say we’re not perfect and we don’t expect you to be. We did this to share.  And to a larger point, every single one of these can be beaten with prayer and focus.  In that light, I’ll ask that you pray for me, and for those reading, I’ll be praying for you. 

God Bless.

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