One Task at a Time

One Task at a Time

Get up early, read the Bible, pray, get to work, build the “to do” list at work, phone rings, chaos for the workday ensues, gym, dinner, spend time with kids, cut grass, fix xyz, try to spend time with the wife and kids, go to bed exhausted… Sound like anyone’s day?  Ever feel like you aren’t making progress? Here is the best way to tackle it.

Define your priorities in life. Mine are:

1. Faith
2. Family
3. Health/Fitness
4. Profession.

If you build your priorities and make choices by them, then you can build your task list. As a Christian man, we are called to be leaders in our household, leaders in the community, and we have to work on our own spiritual walk too. Oh, and that’s on top of work….and making a baseball game or dance class…and the gym….and eating healthy. (Hence priorities)
Start your day in the word and in prayer.  This ensures it gets done.  If you don’t start work early (and you’re into it) prioritize working out.  Now you’ve got two tasks done before the family is awake.  Next, go be a diligent worker as if working for the Lord. Now come home, be an engaged Dad and Husband.  

My brother is notoriously unreachable after work hours. Know why? He puts his phone upstairs, he is busy being a Dad and Husband.  I leave my phone around, but I don’t play on it until the kids are in bed and I’ve spent time with my wife.  Sometimes I don’t watch TV, and we build puzzles, plan our next camping trip or play a board game.  This may sound old fashioned, but we ENGAGE each other and talk.

Realize what matters and what doesn’t.  Make a task list for work and hold to it.  Realize that when you hold yourself to this task list and stay disciplined you actually have more free time.  It sounds counterintuitive, but trust me it works.

Most importantly, this gives you alone time with God, and that’s what this all comes back to.  My life is ALWAYS better when I put God first in my day.  It always centers me.  And like anyone else, from time to time I slip.  But if you want to be a better Christian, start with God, the rest will follow.

God Bless.

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