Make It Obvious

Make It Obvious

In the spring of 2011, my wife and I were living in northern Virginia. We were happily living in northern Virginia I might add. Then, an opportunity presented itself in Pittsburgh.

My wife and I never once envisioned living in Pittsburgh. And, initially, we didn’t even consider it. But for some reason, it kept coming up. So, we prayed about it.

The only thing we prayed for was for God to “make it obvious.” We prayed a specific prayer and only that specific prayer. And we didn’t ask for a preferred answer. We approached it with an open mind. And we agreed that if He called us to move, we’d pick up and move without question.

God answered our prayer. He made it abundantly clear that we were supposed to move to Pittsburgh. Needless to say, we started making preparations to move immediately.

Then something funny happened.

Every single door opened for us. Our house sold within a week, a townhouse for rent opened up a day later (that initially had a three-month waiting list), and every other thing we could have possibly imagined fell into place.

For what it’s worth, I don’t expect God to answer with quite the same power every time I ask, but He did when we asked a big question and expected God to provide a clear answer. And I was thankful.

If you find yourself struggling with a decision, try asking God to “make it obvious.”

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