Interesting Struggles

Interesting Struggles

Yesterday, I wrote about our prayer for God to “make it obvious.” God answered our prayer and we moved to Pittsburgh. Everything in our life was smooth sailing with the move – clearly He was watching over us in every way.

Everything was easy until it came time to find a church home. Ironic, no?

Before we even came to town, we did research trying to find a church home – as much as one can find a church home online at least. We thought we had some good candidates, but one after another was a bust. At least in the sense that none of them felt like home.

At one point, we went to three different church services in a single weekend because we wanted to settle on a church home. Still nothing.

I’d like to say that then something miraculous happened and we found a church home. But I can’t, because it didn’t.

We searched for months until we eventually arrived at our church home. It took a while, but we eventually found it.

I only share this story because it’s ironic. We followed God’s guidance to move to Pittsburgh and He made our move as easy as it possibly could have been.

But with the one thing we were sure He would have his hand in, we were left searching. I’m not sure what the moral of this story is. Perhaps after taking care of us each step of the way, maybe He wanted to see if we would chase after Him.

My only point here is that God doesn’t always give us what we expect, but He does give us what we need.

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