Inquiring of the Lord

Inquiring of the Lord

In our Bible study, we’ve been going through the book of 1 Samuel – a recommendation from my father. 1 Samuel, for the most part, tracks the lives of Samuel, Saul, and David.

From the minute that David enters the frame, there are two things that are obvious.

  1. David is a warrior for the Lord
  2. David is in constant communication with God

The second part is what has stuck out the most for me as a consistent theme. Each and every time David was faced with a big decision, he inquired of the Lord to see what He would want David to do.

Then he followed with no fear whatsoever.

He had faith that whatever the Lord called him to do, he would deliver on that promise.

If you find yourself facing a decision, big or small, inquire of the Lord first and see what His answer is. I can’t promise a clear answer in the same way David received his answers, but one thing I’m challenging myself with is to have an open, ongoing dialogue with God. Thus far, I’ve found that I’ve heard from God more since that’s been the case.

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