Idols Made by Men

Idols Made by Men

In Isaiah 40, we learned of idols that were made by men.  Throughout history, we know that people have worshipped “gods” and we know that people made them up.  Ever wonder why?

God instilled in us a knowledge of “there is more to life than this” and that there is “some higher power”. Some people just don’t know where to look so they symbolize it.  But here is an interesting point. Jesus factually lived.  It is documented. Another point, it was foretold that he would love as he did and die as he did.  God is also very bold and blatant with his truthfulness.  No other God can claim creation or foretell what he has.  He mentions this and practically “calls out” any other religion to prove it.

The truth is it can’t be challenged and man will do anything to put their trust in something. But we don’t need to build an idol, we just need our Bibles and prayers and a good church family is a good idea too.  Focus on those things, you’ll know God, and you won’t be carving out little statues to worship.

God Bless.

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