Identifying as a Person of Faith

Identifying as a Person of Faith

When my brother, sister and I were growing up we watched a movie called The Buttercream Gang.  It was a Christian film, slightly cheesy, but a great children’s movie.  There is a line in the film where the father tells his son where his name came from.  It came from a man who introduced him (the father) to Christ.  The interesting part comes when he tells of his friend as always introducing himself by saying “Hi, I’m Scott Paulson and I’m a Christian.”

This boldness is Godly, it’s motivating. Yet we all shy away from it.  But go to Romans and see how Paul introduces himself in his writings.  Read where Jesus instructs how to greet other brothers and sisters in Christ. We need to gather our boldness and step out as Christians.  We shouldn’t shy away or worry about the worldly culture.  Our God tells us directly we are not of this world and it is a temporary home and we should not be comfortable or conforming to societal norms.

Be bold.

God Bless.

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