Growth is a Byproduct

Growth is a Byproduct

Just like with anything else, we can’t start out seeking the outcome. The outcome is determined by the process being followed. Much like we cannot adequately prepare for a marathon solely by watching other runners or get stronger just by thinking about it, we must put in the work. We must create and abide by the correct habits that lead us to the desired outcomes.

The focus are the habits that push you closer to God and moving away from habits that move you away from God.

If you are seeking a closer relationship with God, get involved with a Bible study group, seek out podcasts that cause you to think about your faith, and have real honest conversations with other Christians.

In the end, it is our habits and daily processes that will determine the outcome. We live in a world where the abundance of information isn’t the problem, but eliminating the noise and finding the signal can be a real challenge. The Bible is obviously signal in the purest sense.

If you are looking for other quality sources, I’ll recommend just three – my three favorite sources for just about everything faith related. They are Tim Keller, Brennan Manning & Ravi Zacharias. Feel free to Google their work both in written form and on video.

Note: My apologies to the ladies, but these are all gentlemen. I am very sure there are other amazing sources that include women leaders and would love to hear from you who you might recommend.

Put in the “work.” If you emphasize habits that will build your knowledge base and relationship with God, almost surely you’ll be headed in the right direction.

God Bless.

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