God’s Will

God’s Will

I pray often as many people do, routinely, hitting the high points. Then when I’m in need I pray frequently and with an unyielding passion. The problem is I frequently forget the most important thing.  It isn’t about me, it’s God’s will.

How often do we pray selfishly?  Shouldn’t it be “God this is what I want, but only if it’s what YOU want for me” type prayer? This is much easier said than done because we also know God wants us to call on him. But remember our purpose is to honor him and serve him. And in the hardships we suffer through, there are glorious opportunities to witness to those that are unsaved. When we rally through our struggles and continue to seek him, we are blessing his kingdom exponentially.  

Let’s pray that GOD’S will is done. Let’s us serve him through all life events knowing he is in control and all things that happen or fail to happen do so only with his permission.

God Bless.

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