Not Knowing Is Okay

Not Knowing Is Okay

God’s plan for our life is truly a mystery. We can inquire of God or search for our own answers and never find them. And not knowing is okay.

When I was called to move to Pittsburgh, I wasn’t sure of the purpose, and I’m still not. But it’s lead me to where I am today – wherever that is.

Sometimes I spend time thinking about why He led us here, and I honestly have no idea. I’ve learned to be content with that fact.

As Ravi Zacharias has pointed out, the ark that God instructed Noah to build –that was designed to save the human race– had no sail and no rudder. Can you imagine floating aimlessly for 40 days and 40 nights with land nowhere in sight?

In other words, Noah was required to be totally dependent on God in every way. When you feel you are being led in a specific direction, you don’t need all the answers before you take action. You just need the faith that God is going to take care of you.

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