Free Gifts

Free Gifts

When we purchased my wife’s car, one of the advertised benefits of purchasing the car there was the free “car services” that were thrown in with the purchase of the vehicle.

Essentially, free inspections and free oil changes.

But, they’re definitely not free services. Because what seems to happen each time you bring the car in is they want to notify you of things that are either already going wrong with the vehicle or of things that are about to go wrong with it. In other words, something they can charge for.

I’m sure there is some truth in the “recommendations” being made, but I doubt it’s to the extent of what is being told to us. The truth is, free is never free. The biscotti, coffee, wifi and fancy furniture doesn’t pay for itself.

When it comes to things on earth, we know that things that are free are never actually free. We’re all familiar with the statement, “there is no free lunch.” We believe in earning our way to everything, or understand that there is always a catch because if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

But that’s about things on earth. Luckily, it doesn’t work that way with God. He has overwhelmed us with the gift of grace. The Good News is that we don’t have to earn our salvation, He just gives it to us. All we must do is accept His free gift to us. What a revelation. What a Good Good Father.

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