A Father’s Perspective

A Father’s Perspective

My Dad used to say “you have no idea just how much I love you.”. And he was right…..until I became a father. By becoming a Dad myself I learned a harsh truth. I could never love my Dad as much as he loved me.  (And to be clear I love my Dad very much)

There is something about parental love that is overwhelming. I love my girls and son as much as I could imagine loving any person. This is also the closest way to understand God’s love for us as he is our father, our heavenly father.

Imagine that love you have for your children. Now realize how much more perfect God’s love is for us. The scripture tells us in Corinthians that love is patient, love is kind, it doesn’t anger.  Now……are you always patient with your children? Have you ever been angered?  I know both of these are true for me.  So what’s the point?  When you feel distant or challenged by where you are in your walk, realize you would never abandon the love you have for your children. You would always want the best for them. Now realize God is there for you, and he always wants the best for you.

Additionally, as any good parent, he can’t just let you do what you want to do.  We have to behave and be of good discipline. And like any good child, our aim should be to please our parents.  After all, the worst thing to hear from God would be “I’m not angry, just disappointed.”


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