A Whisper

A Whisper

While we often do our best at explaining complicated verses from the depths of the Bible….it always comes back to the basics.

My favorite is that my wife and I teach children’s church. And in that space, we did a great lesson today. God spoke to Elijah, not through the wind, not in an earthquake, but in a fire. 

What does this mean?

There isn’t always some big, magical sign.  Sometimes it’s subtle.  Sometimes it may almost be unnoticeable, but it is there.  It may only be as soft as a whisper. But if we seek God, he is there. 

Importantly, God is always there, it’s whether we acknowledge his presence or not. Please take time to seek God rather than him making the time to make himself obvious. After all, the sun came out and there is air in your lungs, he has already created miracles. 

God Bless. 

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